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5. Size and style
  • l Warped wooden bridge, stone pier is formed like a torii gate, Japanese style rail, additional rails on the sleeve, whole lacquered, and metal fittings are decorated.The bridge consists of three girders for axis, 15 beams and another 5 girders.
    Also, there are parallel bridging between the bridge girders, and floor is fastened by spikes, cramp stopper is attached. In addition, gradient is applied to the floor for the purpose of effective drainage.
  • Floor is 26.4m long, 7.4m wide and the longest bridge girder is 18m x 90cm square.
    Main pillar of the rail is 55cm in diameter, the floor is 17cm thick and warp of the bridge is radius of 58.8 m. Also, the main angle is about 26 degrees and total weight is 105t.