Shinkyo | Legend of Shinkyo | Transition of Shinkyo | Feature of Shinkyo | Size and style
4. Feature of Shinkyo(1) Visual featureIt is a beautiful construction using thick wooden pieces, and elegant curve consisted of soft arc. Vermilion and red lacquered bridge does not seem to be well balanced with surrounding nature, but vermilion color is a strong accent and makes the whole view beautiful. Combination of lacquer and nature will be overwhelming when you get close to the bridge. On the contrary, Shinkyo has a delicate coloring combination associated with beautiful gorge.(2) Feature of construction
  • Bridge girders are embedded into the earth or stone base on the both riversides. The girders stick out slantwise from the shore, and stone-made pier supports point of the girder. In addition, shorter girder is put on the central joint in order to form a trapezoid-like frame.
    This is the special feature among the existing eight wooden bridges, which have been inscribed as important cultural property.
  • Traditional bridge over the gorge was like a drawbridge. However, the bridge was improved its construction style from drawbridge to girder style. The bridge became stylish, but durability became weak. However, additional pier helped to reinforce that weakness. Combination of drawbridge style and girder style was the most advanced technology at that time. This technology was derived from Momoyama era (1568 -1600) when castle building developed.
  • This new technology had both advantage and disadvantage. For example, it helped to decrease volume of whole wooden materials and lightened the weight. Also, structure became simpler. On the contrary, the pier became riskier against the flood.