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2. Regend of Shinkyo Priest Shoto and his party from Tochigi prefecture climbed up Mt. Nantai in order to pray national prosperity in the end of Nara period.
In 766, they arrived at the riverside of Daiya, but could not across the river because of heavy water flow. Priest Shoto prayed on his knees, and the god appeared on the north shore of the river.
The god looked like a devil, 10 feet tall, left hand was applied to the waist, two snakes were twisted on his right arm, and said Priest Shoto:
"I am the Jinja-daiou (Buddhist god). I will let you across the river." Jinja-daiou released the blue and red snakes and they transformed themselves to the rainbow bridge, and sedge sprouted on the back. Priest Shoto and his party were able to across the river thanks to that.
The Jinja-daiou and the bridge had already disappeared when Priest Shoto looked back. He clasped his hands together in prayer, and appreciated the Jinja-daio’s divine protection. This bridge was called Yamsugeno-jabashi, which meant snake bridge of sedge.